Whole Be-ing

Build Health - Find Balance

90 Day Health Transformation Program

Our program utilizes Functional Diagnostic Nutrition┬«, an approach that lets you take control of your health and understand what is going on inside your body.  It is based on functional medicine combined with self-test diagnostic labs and a customized health plan. It gets to the root cause of disease and future health problems by examining the total view of you: your personal history, your environment, your diet and your lifestyle.

Your coach will take you through process of getting to know and understand how your body is functioning looking at key factors affecting your health and well-being. You will get plan of action that incorporates proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits so you can take charge of your health.  All coaching takes place over the phone and through e-mail so we can work with clients anywhere in the world.

Step 1 -  Consultation

Start with an initial phone consultation with your health coach to make sure you are a good fit. When you are ready to start, the lab kits you need will be mailed to you for you to begin.

Step 2 - Intake Forms
Complete the health history questionnaires to help give us the full picture of all aspects affecting your current health.

Step 3 - Labs Submitted
Step three is to complete and send in the self-test lab kits. Usualy a collection of saliva, urine, stool, and or blood draw.

Step 4 - Results and Recommendations Session
Step four is your lab results and recommendations session - reviewing your lab results, interpretation, and custom protocol for a 90 day program giving you a plan of action. 

Step 5 - Lifestyle Integration
And the final step is to implement your plan with health coaching and guidance. We teach and work with you through the process of behavior and lifestyle modification to support your body's innate healing ability, giving you the tools to take charge of your health! Through this coaching you will be empowered to implement this plan and take the reins of transforming your health.