“I came to Whole Be-ing and Melissa for a variety of concerns, mainly an undiagnosed stomach ailment that had been bothering me for months that my doctors could not figure out. After taking some tests and working out a diet based on my food sensitivities, my stomach troubles have gone from bothering me almost daily to nearly disappearing after just a month of treatment. I recommend anyone to give Whole Be-ing a chance to treat their issues as well!” ~Cody G.

“The whole process has been very enlightening. I have learned so much and I look at things so differently now. Like there is usually a natural remedy for things rather than by medication etc. I feel that not only am I healthier, but I am making my family healthier as well. I couldn’t be happier about not taking all of the allergy medications and the hormones I was taking for the menopause issues.” ~Diane V.

“I have been suffering with digestive issues for most of life. I was hospitalized many times as a child and given many antibiotics. I did not feel well for many years. I went to doctors and NONE of them ever did any of the testing that Melissa recommended. Therefore my health issues were untreated for years because they could not find the actual source of my problems.

I contacted Melissa and she has helped me to feel better than I have in years. She was extremely thorough in her evaluation and testing methods. Upon receiving the results, she explained very clearly what my issues were including a bad case of Candida and then developed a plan to help me. She has been very supportive throughout this process making herself available and answering any questions I have had. I would highly recommend contacting Melissa if you are having problems with your health and truly want to know what is actually creating your health issues.” ~ Lynelle C.

“My name is Kellie Malamatenios.  I am 50 years young and Marji is a huge part of that!  I have been in the gym scene for 30+years.  I have worked with a handful of trainers and I can honestly say, Marji has made me in the best shape of my life. She took me from 33% body fat to 20% in a matter of three months. She is by far the most compassionate, knowledgeable, determined and driven trainer I have ever met. I started working with her in November of 2005 and to this day she continues to impress me with her training philosophy’s. She is undeniably more than just a trainer with her clients.  She cares deeply about fitness but more so about each individual she works with.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life and is by far one of the strongest roll models I have ever met.  I am honored after all this time to call her my friend.  She will challenge you, push you to extreme limits always with a smile on her face.  A truly unique way of making you want to be better, perform harder and be in the best shape of your life!!  I GUARANTEE IT!!  ha ha ha! ” ~ Kellie M.

“I have known Marj now for almost 10 years.  The past 3 years I have been very close with her and have been able to witness the beautiful soul she is.  Her ability to lead individuals in seeking their inner spirituality and truth has been an honor to watch.  She has always been a phenomenal fitness trainer; but in witnessing the spiritual awareness she has with people, I believe, that is what has allowed her to make such a significant impact in peoples lives, helping them understand what is happening spiritually on the inside and how they can use that truth to change their health and physical being.  I was one of those people.  I am forever grateful for her intuitive spirit, and the time she took to invest in my spiritual well being during a very dark time in my life. She is a bright light that has touched many lives for the better.”  ~ Alexis K.

“Marji has gently and devotedly guided me on my spiritual journey for many years, which has enriched my life experience deeply.  The universal light she has channeled into my life has facilitated my awareness of, and to heal, patterns of behavior in which I felt mired.   Through her teachings and guidance, I have learned to lovingly accept myself and others.

Marji’s innate perception of conscious awareness and connection is shared with enthusiasm, dedication and service to others.” ~Kerry S.

p.s.  It is so hard to summarize into words the deeply felt experiences (and fun!) that I’ve experienced during our friend/student/teacher relationship…
words really are inadequate…

“The first word that comes to mind is health.  Just describing Marjorie as a trainer doesn’t do her justice.  For almost a decade now she has worked with me.  She has such a broad array of skills.  She has helped me get in peak condition while cutting weight the right way for Juijitsu competitions.  We have worked on functional athleticism and she has helped shave time from my 40 and add height to my vertical.  She has helped me recover from hip, hernia, and knee surgeries.  Every time I’ve returned back to sports with more joint mobility, stability, strength, and less body imbalances than before.  Not to mention all the stretching, recovery work, and dieting she has helped me with in order to meet my health and body composition aspirations.  I’m someone who has always pushed myself past my limits.  Marjorie has been instrumental in not only helping me reach my lofty goals but helping me recover and stay healthy as well.” ~Matt C.

“After years of struggling with digestive problems, friends encouraged me to have the Bio Health Laboratories testing done.  My initial reaction to the results was mixed – I was relieved to know what was wrong, but concerned about how to deal with the problems uncovered.  Melissa Hill, FDN thoroughly explained the test results and provided a protocol of supplements and diet modifications to follow for 90 days.  Melissa was very supportive and provided guidance throughout the whole process.  I experienced results almost immediately after starting the protocol.  After completing the 90 days, my digestive system is functioning better than it ever has, I have more energy, lost some weight and feel healthier than I have in many years.” ~Kerry S.